Anxiety during recovery


I’m just curious if anyone else out there is having or has had this issue. I’m your typical story, been drinking about 17 years and this year I have made several attempts to quit. My longest time without alcohol so far has been 59 days. I’m currently on day 3 yet again. Each time in the first month or more I feel a little off balance. I’m not sure if this is just anxiety, because it does give me anxiety but just feel a little off balance and dizzy at times. Anyone else had this? I have had blood work and all that done with no findings. I wasn’t sure if this was part of recovery? Thanks


I’m very much in the same boat as you. Longest quit this year was 28 days. I’ve suffered from anxiety and some full blown panic attacks. Not sure how to deal with them. Im sure that mine are mostly stress related.


i had lots of panic attacks my first few months. My therapists said that was completely normal. Meditation helped, staying away from tons of caffeine helped, but of course time will help the most. I haven’t had a real anxiety attack in a few months now.


I had anxiety during my drinking days, it normally went after my first glass of wino. Towards the end i had anxiety few times a day, which was ridiculous. Since stopping drinking 11 months ago, anxiety really lasted for the first 3 months… Its hard to explain, but felt like everything was in motion giving me some sea sickness (had to get friends to bring me home as had feelings of passing out), i felt detached or numb, as well as other classic signs like racing heart, stress etc. Suplements really helped me, like l-glutamine and taurine supplements. I still get anxiety sometimes but i can manage via breathing techniques now. Quitting alco was the best thing i did to combat my anxiety. Wish you all the best.