Anxiety level is unbearable

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Hi Steve good to see you still around after all this time, it cheered me up seeing someone that started sober path at about same time as me. You have the knowledge to deal with your current situation


I would keep quick notes about your moods over the next few days.
If you have a GP, make an appointment and bring your notes with you!
Best of luck!


I’m sorry you’re having a rough patch of it. Perhaps it’s time for a fully candid all cards on the table conversation with your reg. Dr. Our ER’s are overwhelmed right now and they aren’t equipped to handle issues like yours. If you don’t have a reg physician, I urge you to seek one out. In the mean time try to give yourself a heavy helping of self-care, rest and don’t beat yourself up.


Hey Steve, sorry to hear your anxiety is revved up. Sounds very frustrating and even more anxiety producing. Do you have some self care that helps lighten it? Breathe work maybe? I like guided meditations when I am feeling it. Warm baths. Walks. Hope you find some relief and glad you reached out. :heart:


Ugh. Anxiety is so draining. So very sucky. I’m sorry you’re feeling it so strongly Steve. What I try and do when I’m getting overwhelmed with it is to remind myself that it’s only a feeling. I try and observe it, and not let it get me crazy. That I’m afraid does not mean there’s any danger or anything amiss or anything threatening my safety, health or livelihood. It just means I have anxiety. Facts on the ground I think this tactic is called.

Hope you feel better soon!


Hey I totally understand the anxiety mixed with depression! Ugghhhh, if we don’t have enough to deal with getting sober :exploding_head::crazy_face: I think all the chaos in our running minds that is going on slow motion when we are drinking tends to speed up into overdrive when the mind is clear. I also went to the hospital, Monday because my stomach was having contraction spasms never in my life had I experienced anything like that other than giving birth. The doc did a full workup and said everything is normal. So he attributed it to alcohol withdrawal symptoms he said they are the first to come and that last to leave. :woman_facepalming:
So yeah I’m on day 8 and struggled all day with thinking about a drink. I was trying to convince myself to ha e one… but I have never had one. So I told myself that by the end of the day if I still want one to do it. Well I am too tired from working and I’m still sober thank God and I’ll just have to wait till tomorrow to start a new day.
I realize that anxiety comes and goes with intensity when I think too much about the future, Bill’s, my kids, and life in general. When I’m not overthinking it seems to be less. I send positive energy to all. Thanks for letting me get that out I haven’t told anyone today.


Boy do I know exactly what your talking about! I think the 1st step might be to make an appointment with your primary care physician and be honest about all your concerns.

Personally I see a psychiatrist, therapist, take meds, and keep a routine. I try to do yoga regularly and guided meditations. Keeping a gratuity list helps as well. I also track my mood/ feelings using the journal feature on this app.

Hope things start to get easier for you.


have you ever heard of ashawaganda? It has helped me tremendously. my wife is an herbalist/acupuncturist and taking 3 pills of ashawa daily has helped me more than a benzo. I highly suggest looking into it, maybe speaking with a traditional Chinese medicine practicticioner. and even looking into acupuncture. I thought it was hocus pocus until I tried it. I left the room in tears because i felt such a profound shift in my body. almost like I got reintroduced into myself. the ancient Chinese have been doing it for thousands of years, so if you are willing to try something new, search your area for “5 element acupuncture” feel free to DM me with any questions but I’d bet 20 bucks that after a week of you taking ashawaganda, you’d feel like a million bucks. might I suggest doing research and getting a decently expensive brand, some of the cheaper stuff might not be as great.

take care,
Doug F


I am still sober, no poison today! That’s all I have to worry about right!?
I become overwhelmed when I think about not drinking forever. But then I slow myself down and only worry about today. Easier said than done, so that’s what I’m working on. And today is the first day I’ve been without my 5yr old she went to her dad’s for a week. Overwhelmed with not knowing what the heck to do with myself. Idle time isn’t good I want to be productive in some way. That’s why I got on here. :innocent:


Sorry to hear your feeling this way. Anxiety sucks. Some of the things I do when I feel overwhelmed and anxious are:

  • turn off the tv and put on quiet music. Amazing mood changer for me right there.
  • put down the phone. Very difficult. But if I can put the damn thing away and open a book, I’m generally a lot happier
  • get outside and walk or run. It’s hard to do this especially in the winter or on days like today when it was gray and cold and rainy. But I did it. I walked to the park along the water front and watched birds and ducks and got out of my stupid head.

I feel with you, this sucks. Keep us posted. I pray for you :pray:


I used this stuff called Sobrenix I think a couple times it helped a lot.

Milk thistle and kudzu root. Helped with the CRIPPLING anxiety.

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