Any advice for sober dating?

I’m looking to start dating but only have 70 days sober. Is this a bad idea? I’d love some advice

Personally, I’ve had no experience of this. But I would say it depends on you and how comfortable you are in your sobriety.
Really think about why you are looking into dating this early. Is it because you are lonely and don’t like being on your own? In which case I’d say spend some quality time finding and falling in love with yourself first.
Obviously don’t know your story or doc, but you would have been using to fill a void, is the void still there! Are you going to be taking unneeded baggage forward with you?
As I said it’s up to you but it’s been said that we shouldn’t really make any big life changing moves for a year. To give ourselves time to find ourselves.
Plus also remember that the dating scene tend to revolve around drinking. Are you gonna be happy with that?
Lots to think about I’d say.
Good luck whatever you do, welcome to TS.:facepunch:


I agree with @anon12657779. I’m not quite 70 days yet but I think it’s not what should be in the forefront right now. It’ll be there in a few more months time also.


I’m with the others, it’s too early.

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Yeah man. It’s definitely just not the best idea right now. Not because it’s dangerous for your sobriety, but we usually want sobriety because we can’t even love are selfs lol. So trying to love someone else while you are healing is just going to be hard. You’ll see and feel it if you decide to date.


It was reccomended to me by a man with 60 years sobriety to wait two years before making any major life changes.

I waited about two years

Personally I don’t get bothered by others drinking around me, and and I’m 100+ days sober (too lazy to check) :face_with_hand_over_mouth:
Alcohol affects everyone differently and everyone’s journey is different. I say go with the majority vote… but only you know you, your strength and your will power. Good luck on what you choose!!! :slight_smile:

Good question! I haven’t dated in two years already since my wife passed :disappointed: now should I wait another two for sobriety?

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