Any Christian people fighting addiction? PM ME

Just looking for an extra level of support. My beliefs get me in trouble sometimes but im new to it all and just curious if there are others like me struggling.

Lots of Christians are here helping others. Feel free to share your beliefs whilst respecting others.


I hoped to maybe meet some people with biblical advice on this struggle.

105 days and still working to understand. Maybe it’s something not to think to much about.

But I am feeling actually grateful to be an alcoholic. I found God in the rooms of AA.
It’s pretty simple, love and accept him. Which never was too hard for me… albeit with a rather agnostic edge.
But also… carry his message to those who suffer.

The promises have been coming true for me since the beginning. I started to realize it about day 35.

I trace it back to my own transition from attending AA out of fear about my own potential relapse… to my attending AA because I felt responsible for the next person dragging thru the doors.

Even if I am nothing more than an extra face in the room, no one deserves to walk into an empty room.

Anyway, I trace to promises to this shift in thinking. My desires changing from selfish wants and hopes… to a complete desire to be a better AA member and also pass this gift to a person who felt as I felt 105 days ago.


Indeed there are Christians here, and I am one of them. Aknowledged my brokenness and have surrendered to His will, which is for me to be sober.

He has blessed me in this by prompting me to come on this forum. Here I am blessed and can try to be a blessing to others.

“Be alert and of sober mind. Your enemy, Satan, is prowling about like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour.”

Kinda says it all. Addiction is living under a self-imposed curse, and living under the influence leaves us in danger of committing all manner of sin. It destoys our relationships with parents, spouses, and children. It distracts us from seeking God. It is a form of idol-worship. Ultimately, it will consume us if allowed to continue. It literally devours us.



A form of idol worship. That’s curious can u tell me more?

Can you provide a bit of background information so we can give specific advice? How do your beliefs get you in trouble? Are you new to Christianity, Recovery or both?

We are all in the same battle when it comes to our addictive tendencies. Dont feel isolated, we are here to encourage but you need to tell us what you need.

I’m no theological expert, my bible knowledge is simple. There are are more mature and experienced Christians in the group who could help if I can’t.

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Hey I’m a Christian, it’s what gets me through the day

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Anything you crave or covet that you would pursue before the Lord, is an idol. Greed and love of money is idol-worship. Addiction is idol-worship. When you will sacrifice relationships in pursuit of the next drunk or high, you are worshipping an idol. Something made with human hands.

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I’ve never looked at it this way before. That’s definitely hit the nail on the head.

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What do you recon i should read first?

Hi Stacey,
I recommend the Psalms in the Old Testament (start at 1, thro to 150 - how about one a day, except 119 which will take a few days coz it’s long!) + maybe Mark’s gospel coz it’s short, or John’s gospel coz it’s beautiful and has the “I am the Good Shepherd / the Way, the Truth and the Life” verses.
I also read Daily Light (app from Tap Tap Studio) which is a daily selection of verses with a theme, often speaks direct to me.
Basically whatever stage we’re at we’re in a battle for our souls in which our ‘dark - [broken] side’ is at war with the new creation that God gifts us with when we turn to him.
New believer, ‘older’ believer or non believer - we’re all in this together (I’ve been thro thick and thin over the 45+ years I’ve been following Jesus).
Look up Proverbs 3 verse 5-8… Tell me what you think :blush:


:wave:t3: Working this through as well :blush:

I am a Christian.

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Watch “The Children of Disobedience (Ephesians 2:1-7) | Pastor Roger Jimenez VBC” on YouTube

This is a nice sermon from a couple weeks ago. Pastor Jimenez has an incredible amount of biblical knowledge and backs everything he says with scripture. His sermons have been extremely helpful to me. God bless and stay strong @Swam

Good to see you’ve morphed back into @MewilHoward!
Any updates on ‘sports car’ you were thinking of buying for fun?

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Thank you so much