Any cyber sponsors?

Hi, I’m starting my journey today and my cousin suggested that I find a sponsor, anyone out there willing and able?

Thank you!

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I can’t say for 100% sure…I have yet to find my own sponsor…but I really think you need to find someone you can meet with and talk to in person.

Good luck though. Keep posting here for sure. If nothing more we can be support and accountabilty!!



Hi @Scheddi_Oso … welcome to the forum… what has worked for me on talking sober is to get active in the the threads and ask questions… people are really supportive… suggest you start like that… what are you struggling with? If it’s alcohol or narcotics AA or NA meetings are good networks to get a f2f sponsor… keep posting and good luck :grin:

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That’s great to hear that you’re starting your journey! I’m in CA and I have long distance sponsees in Canada and New Orleans, as well as a couple of face to face sponsees. I have a face to face sponsor. In my experience, both ways have worked the same. Time zones can be a challenge but not a big deal.

I met these long distance sponsees on phone meetings. I focus mainly on my weekly face to face now, but I still talk to others from phone meetings from time to time. I believe the messages of experience, strength and hope transcends any technology. I found phone meetings with a Google search and went from there.

Keep coming back!