Any non alcoholic beverages that you can recommend?

I love this. Very inspiring. Don’t be surprised if I attempt recreate this photo tomorrow.

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Same for me. I’ve never been a “sweet” person but my brain is craving sugar for the endorphins. I’ve been indulging without guild because the alternative is worse.


Perrier, Bubly or La Croix.

All have helped me get past a bad craving. Even yesterday, for example. I nearly broke down and gave in to my cravings, but instead drank a litre of Perrier instead. It’s carbonated so it satisfies that burning feeling I used to get on my throat from liquor.


I tried non alcoholic beer for a while but it really didn’t help. I love chai tea latte so I decided that it will be my nighttime splurge along with my water bottle. The chai give me a touch of sweetness without blowing my diet


I use my soda stream and add stevia and lemon sometimes I make a concentrated ginger water and add that to it.

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Exactly! Give your body whatever else it wants right now while it’s healing up and worry about the other shit later.:v:


Sometimes I just like a good old-fashioned glass of ice cold milk.

I’ve been a fan of Spindrift seltzer waters. They are made with fruit and seltzer.

I also really enjoyed Topo Chico Lime early on - it’s in a nice green bottle that helped trick my brain.

Liquid Death Sparkling water had the same carbonation as beer so I like that.

And I’m with others in that I like a fancy glass :slight_smile: I replaced my Jim Beam scotch glass with one etched with the Survivor emblem (love the duel meaning)

Oh! And these Moscow mule mixers - I don’t add anything to them. The ginger creates a nice burn that I enjoy.

Cherry vanilla coke is amazing

Water I heard it’s great