Anyone else have anxiety?

I’ve noticed myself getting overly anxious since I’ve been sober. 8 months for me and it’s gotten worse as the days go by… it kicks into overdrive whoever I am in a social setting :pensive:. Maybe it’s just my brains coping mechanism? Anyone else suffer social anxiety since becoming sober?


Join the queue :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

But seriously yes there are lots of people here with mental health issues. Don’t know where in the world you are but if you have access to healthcare, that’s a good place to start. I am on Sertraline/Zoloft and found it made a massive difference to my anxiety. On a waitlist for CBT.

I also think there’s something in the fact that when we drink we feel more confident. I know my social identity was really tied to being pissed and working out how to navigate social situations sober has been a learning curve. Social anxiety isn’t my issue though so no specific tips to offer there.


Are you going to meetings ?
I’ve always been a social disaster. Needed alcohol to loose up so now, sober, I start sweating the moment people ask a question.

Meetings, though I have not had many due to work away from home, are going to be my stage. Of all places and people, none will understand it better I think :+1:

Perfect place for practising social situations…


If I sense that the event will be a lot of partying I might just skip it if I can. Alcohol was also my cure for social awkwardness for many years. In the end it does more harm than good.

There was an interesting ‘Ask Amy’ question online where a woman stopped drinking for health reasons and it made all her friends offended and self conscious about their own drinking.

In some ways it seems like sobriety can offend people just as easily as alcoholism does.


I recommend maybe getting some essential.oils and vitamin d. I’m not a doctor but I myself know that when I start feeling anxious those things seem to help for me. As far as a social scene … That’s just the body and spirit fighting against eachother. It’s like a Tasmanian devil trying to get out and give you hell because that’s what it feeds on .


Try and go to meetings and maybe join the gym these tools helped me overcome my anxiety s, wish you well

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Absolutely. One of the main reasons I drank. Am in the midst of finding healthy solutions. Good luck

i deal with general anxiety and stress drinking was what i used to do and i had to stop, stress drinking is the WORST.

Exercise helps me a lot with this.


Magnesium supplements can really help improve your sleeep, anxiety and stress. It has made a big difference for me.


When i was drinking everything i did had to be with a drink. I had no confidence without it. I can still be the same today at times. Not as bad. I am better at talking about it today and when i say it, it loses it power over me.

I dealt with the same problem and I am by no means telling you how to solve them but I will tell you that I use legal CBD oil and it seems to work very well for my anxiety and pain. It is non psychoactive so there is no Euphoria or mind-altering with it