Anyone French Canadian over here?

I’m from Quebec amd I wanted to know if there’s any quebecers out there or any french canadian?

J’aimerais bien jaser si ça vous dit! On est ici pour le même but et on pourrait s’encourager davantage.

A plus!

:seedling: K.


Moi je ne suis pas trop à l’aise avec le français, cependant il y a certainement des francophones ici, du Canada et d’ailleurs, je les vois parfois.


Not Quebecer or francophone but from Ottawa.

I love your name. Makes me think of the oh so gorgeous Karine Vanasse.

Thanks! Your french is pretty good! :hugs:

Where are you from?

Thanks a lot VSue!

I was just wondering considering there is people from around the world on this app!

What are you dealing with?

Alcohol is my DOC…but I admit that I have an addictive personality in general. I’ve suffered from eating disorders, including obsessive exercising. And lately I’ve been fighting the urge to pick up cigarettes.

I’m from BC, opposite side of the country. I briefly lived and worked in the Montreal area (Rive-Sud more specifically), which I enjoyed, and which is where I picked up a lot of my French. Unfortunately I didn’t spend long enough there for it to stick very well long-term.

I hear you…

I talked about excessive exercising last month… I used to train every single day and my mind was only focused on that…!

My DOC is weed. And since legalization, temptation is always there simce it is so easy to have some now!

Have a good evening!

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Oh wow! Funny, I live on the south shore of Mtl near Mont St-Hilaire, do you know?

Have a good evening! Was nice talking to you!

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Ah, no, I had to look it up. I never went over that way as I was more towards Châteauguay. Small world, though!

I’ve been to Mont St Hilaire!! I trained there for figure skating for 2 weeks a hundred years ago!!! I’ll never forget riding my bike up that hill!!! LOL

What a small world guys!

Have a good sober day to both of you :slightly_smiling_face:


Moi je suis née à Montréal, j’ai grandi en Ontario, appris Français en immersion française. Ma mère est grandi à Alma, juste à côté du lac Saint Jean, et bien qu’elle est anglophone, elle parle bien le français (elle est élevée à Alma). Cependant à la maison quant j’étais enfant, on parlait l’anglais.

Ici à Talking Sober il y a plusieurs membres qui parlent français comme langue primaire ou maternelle - @Josephine_Laforet en est une (mais ça fait quelques semaines qu’elle n’est pas ici) - est plusieurs qui le comprennent bien & qui s’expriment bien (gens qui viennent de pays européens, les Pays-Bas, la Belgique, etc). Si tu cherche des noms françaises (pour les membres Talking Sober), ou des noms de villes et pays (en anglais) pour les threads qui parlent de « where are you from? » , je pense que tu trouveras plusieurs membres qui parlent français.

Mais les québécois(es), je ne sais pas pourquoi mais je ne les ai pas trouvé ici, jusqu’à maintenant - mais il y a des milliers de membres, peut être tu les trouveras!

Bonne chance Karine :innocent: et bienvenue ici à Talking Sober! Ici commence une belle chapitre dans ton voyage.

Quoi de neuf pour toi aujourd’hui?


Merciii Matt!

Très gentil de ta part! Tu es très bon en français!

It was a good day for me but I really do have to occupy myself because I just keep thinking about it. So I started an online course on ADHD and I spent 3 hours on it this morning… and then I had to go to my appointment and grab my kids. And I appreciated it. It felt good and real.

Thank you for all the info!

What about you? How was your day?


It was good! I had a busy day planned, and I achieved a lot today. I got up early, paid my taxes, renewed my health card, got more than 30 calls done (I work in sales; my job is to visit people & call people), and got home in time to have a peaceful dinner with my wife. I felt good at the end of the day today.

I have ADHD as well. For me the end of the day is the hardest part. I have to be very conscious about my environment, try to be soothing and give myself quiet time to settle down. Sometimes I take a bath (I find that helps). Calming the mind takes practice :innocent:

Do you find it hard to get to sleep? Or are there other parts of the day that are hard for you?

Hello c’est peut-être un peu tard mais je suis belge :raising_hand_woman:

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Yep j’ai eu des soucis mais je suis de retour haha

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T’es très bienvenue - heureux de te voir de retour. Quoi de neuf à l’autre côté de l’océan? Tes soucis ne sont pas trop lourds j’espère; si en parler t’aideras nous sommes ici :innocent:


je suis de la rive sud de montreal, a Longueuil !


Bonjour Karine,

Moi je suis une franco canadienne :wave:t2:

Jsuis de Drummondville

Au plaisir