Anyone from the UK?

Just wondering if anyone has any experience on receiving help? I’ve been going to my gp for the last 10 years and feel options are very limited here

UK here. Literally went to the doctors this morning. They were somewhat helpful. I’ve got various blood tests booked in the next few weeks. He was sympathetic, and offered me referral to a therapist (which I’m not sure I’ll use, as the hours available are super inconvenient…). But he basically said, if you don’t stop, you risk doing damage we won’t be able to help you with. Which is a pretty big kick up the backside.

Also, I recommend Alcohol Mastery audio book by Kevin O’Hara. Currently on my third run through it. He’s Irish, and cuts through my British cynicism really well with a no bull sh*t attitude about the whole thing.

Best of luck,

Yep the mental health and drug+alcohol teams are a joke