Anyone in Oklahoma?

Hi all, I don’t have many friends or support but is there anyone in okc who can relate with alcohol? I know this forum is amazing but besides AA and having no friends or family is hard.

This forum and AA are the only people I talk to, and the only people I care to talk to lol. I live in a small city though, so we have an awesome AA community. Big enough that there’s lots of diversity, but small enough that you get to know everyone

I have tried AA but I cannot relate to anyone. Unfortunately.

That’s the way I felt my first time through the program as well. I spent the whole time looking for differences or a reason not to go back. I didn’t really talk to anyone and I definitely didn’t listen. When I went back with a different mindset and looked for similarities I found exactly what I needed.

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What @Englishd said! The similarities are there!

I’m 29 with a 6 month baby in tow. Most of the people in our meetings are 50+ white males. Sometimes we get the odd young person. In the ladies group, they are almost all retired ladies wearing pearls with lots of money (I live in a posh area, but am not very posh!). But, they have all become my friends. Everyone is welcome. You’ll find your place within the pack, promise xxx

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