Anyone know anything about this

Check out @AN_Recovery’s Tweet:

Good for them for showing initiative I suppose. I have no idea if the need for another program is there. Between AA, NA, HA, CA, DRA, SMART, refuge recovery, mindfulness in recovery, celebrate recovery I feel like we have enough programs and we should be working on getting asses in the seats. If they offer something the other programs don’t then by all means rock it. But if it’s just an old program with a new name I doubt it will stick.

Yeah I don’t know, scrolled their feed and couldn’t find a clear mission statement.

Same here. But I’m Twitter illiterate

Ill-twitterite is the correct term. Also it seems ripe for trolling. I suppose that’s just Twitter in general. I don’t know I’m also ill-twitterite.

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didn’t look far into it, google didn’t provide much, but the tweet says they’re promoting helping others and saving lives from alcohol dependence. i’m down with both those things! so go them!

The cynic in me wants to know what they are selling. Founding date July 2018… Hmmm.

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If it’s legit I’m cool with it. If they are promoting something then I will assume my cynic stance

Linked in tho? Really?