Anyone with experience with DT’s?

Went to the hospital to stop drinking. I get let out 2 hours ago and I’m seeing things on the cieling. Us this dt



Prob should go back to the hospital


Hey…checking in buddy. We’re you able to get back to the hospital? How are you doing?

Hopefully you went back to the hospital. Yes, I had them a few times but always in a hospital setting. Hoping you’re safe.

I actually called the hospital and they advised me it was probably too much Ativan they gave me. It slowly got better after an hour. I haven’t had a single problem since then


They essentially gave me 5mg of Ativan and I didn’t sleep while there and they discharged me after being there for 8 hours until I was sober.

my dt,s were just really extreme hangovers going into really bad dopamine crashes afterwards sick to my stomach and stuff like that but never really had the shakes I was coughing up blood one time not sure what that was from

When I came off opioids and benzos I had extreme hallucinations for 3 or 4 days. It was bad enough they locked me in a rubber room at the hospital for 3 more days then was kept in medical detox for another week before going to inpatient rehab center for 33 more days.

If I had been left on my own there is no doubt it would have ended really bad for me and anybody that was close enough to get my hands on