App/forum for general anxiety?

Hi you guys, I wonder if anybody can help me out: I’ve got a lovely friend, she lives in poland. She suffers from anxiety, social mostly, to the point where she hardly ever leaves the house. It is very difficult for her to meet anybody, due to her fears, low self worth, intimidation she feels, and also she lives in a tiny village far off. She hardly talks about her problems with anybody I don’t think, and for sure with nobody in the neighbourhood. Now I’ve often thougnt how much she would benefit from a community like this one! Has anybody ever heard of an app or forum for folks with mental issues, anxiety specifically? Maybe even in Polish? I don’t think she’s ever felt this sense of others even knowing what she’s going through and it makes me feel so bad for her!
Any advice appreciated!


How sweet of you to care enough to seek out information. We have something in the states called NAMI which I believe stands for National Alliance for Mental Illness and I believe they have support groups. I have to assume there are international organizations that do similar work. The email for our local chapter is perhaps they could offer some guidance. Good luck!! You are a good friend.

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Thanks I’ll look into that!