As if i needed anymore reason

It’s not as if I needed any more reason to reinforce my decision to quit drinking. I’m at 455 days now and every day sober is better than any day I drank.
However, Friday I got news that my cousin, ony 41, has been diagnosed with end stage liver failure after a lifetime of heavy drinking. As sad as it was to receive that news, I was constantly being told how proud they were of me for quitting. Which is exceptionally humbling. And extremely eye opening considering the path i was on. While so much of recovery is mental after the physical symptoms subside, I suppose it’s good to consider the risk factors we reduce by quitting.
Ultimately i will have to say goodbye to him. A sweet kind person that loved nothing more than being with all the family. And yet with all that sadness it won’t be enough of a reason to drink.
I suppose I just want to say that while the emotions kick in from time to time on your journey, remember that the thing that brought you here might kill you one day. Good luck on your journey.


Sorry to hear that. Thank you for sharing this it really struck home for me.

I’m sorry to hear that but very good message

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