Asking for Gods Best

I recently asked God to come into my life and use it for good, as Jesus would want, as painful as it may be.

Since, things seems so clear, and I feel very in tune with my spirit. I seem to be shedding an emotional skin, wiping that chip off my shoulder, and it feels like I have unlatched that anchor holding me down…

Recovery feels good. Thanks for giving me a place to share.


Thats beautiful and sounds so uplifting. Good for you growing spiritually in your sobriety!

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:heart: beautiful share, thank you. Sometimes we just need to let go, move on, and love and believe in ourselves - because God loves us.

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Sounds like your in tune with a higher reality and walking the path. I love this brother, Thank you for sharing such positive news man.

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Awesome to hear. Thanks for sharing.

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Alcohol was killing my spirituality, I felt dead inside. Sobriety has been a lesson in the principle of polarity. In sobriety I feel the opposite, I feel alive and spiritually connected :pray: