B12 vitamines?

I saw a lot of people talking about the B12 vitamins and the good effects it gives you while getting sober…why are they good for us exactly?

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I don’t know your doc, but mine is alcohol. I know when you drink a lot you get a low amound of B12 and other vitamine B’s in your system. Vitamine B’s are for your nerve system. So too less can give problems with that and can make you very tired.
That’s why in the beginning of my quitting alcohol I took a vitamin B complex supplement.
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Alcohol is my doc also…
So the alcohol destroy the vitamins B in our body?

Yes it does. Important vitamines for nerves / brain chemistry.


Alcohol inhibits your intestine from absorbing B vitamins which can lead to fatigue, nausea, muscle weakness, memory problems and gastrointestinal problems among others. This is why B vitamins are suggested to aid your recovery as your levels will probably be low


How long did people take these after quitting out of interest? I’m still taking them daily and am 80 days sober.

Vitamin B12 is a nutrient that helps keep the body’s nerve and blood cells healthy and helps make DNA, the genetic material in all cells. Alcohol will deplete your B12 reserves. As a result taking a B12 supplement will help with energy and brain clarity.

B12 comes from soil bacteria. Traditionally humans would get B12 in their diet because the animals we eat would be grazing and they would get the B12 from the soil that they ingested as they ripped out the grass. Humans would also get it from vegetables that we would pick from the soil. Sadly, it isn’t easy to get from our diets anymore. Cow no longer graze…they eat feed from a trough. As a result their feed is now supplemented with B12. Also, the vegetables we buy at the store are super washed and irradiated to help with their shelf life. ALL people should take a B12 supplement…even non-alcoholic meat eaters!! You don’t need to take it all the time. B12 can be stored in the body. So anything you don’t use today can be saved for tomorrow. But it is good to take a high dose (about 1000 mg) for a little while to make sure you’ve built up your reserves. I’ve read that sublingual is absorbed better than a pill you swallow. Some people get injections but I don’t have the time or patience for that!! :slight_smile:


B1 i was put on when i was in early recovery ,it is given to stop you getting wet brain (brain damage ) while abstaining from alcohol . Alcohol also depletes your iron stores and can leave you with a weaker immune system and constant fatigue and can result in mental health problems . Some people take B12 or folic acid to improve this

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Thank you all for the response! It really make sense! I will continue taking mine’s then!

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And I’m having a good echinacea herbal tea right now! I’m trying to rebuilt my immune system cause it’s completely down :disappointed_relieved: I’ve been sick for the past 4 months.
Have a good night people!