Back after a long time

Hi everyone. I’m back after a very long stretch. Needless to say, things have not been going well in terms of sobriety.
So I’m back. I’m having some health problems because of drinking, and I have to get a handle on this.
I’m pretty pissed off at myself.


This is my first time on here and first time really actually trying to be sober. This is necessary due to health problems as well so I can understand. Hang in there and take one hour or one day at a time.


That’s certainly what I’m hoping. I’m just pissed off at myself for not stcking with my sobriety in the past.

Use that anger at yourself to drive you forward in your recovery. Never forget this feeling, but always move forward towards health and peace.

Welcome back, buddy. You were missed.



All. Of. This. Really focusing on the shitshow that happens when I drink has been a huge motivator for me. The absence of it is always something to be grateful for.


Welcome back, at least by coming back here for support you have already made a step in the right direction!

I know I could have never made it past my first few days sober without everyone here at TS.

Welcome back! :+1:

Welcome back. Stay strong!

Welcome back to the family

Welcome back. I see a lot of people posting milestones and, quite rightly, celebrating. When I have picked up again, which has happened a few times, I find it quite embarrassing to go back to meetings and admit it. This is of course unreasonable but I have got enough AA tokens and CA keyrings now and I have stopped counting days. It takes some bravery to get back on the wagon so well done. Remember you are older and wiser than before and a veteran of addiction so it is not back to square one. Congratulations on picking yourself up and reaping the benefits of sobriety! My liver function was sky high once (gamma GT of more than 2500). Now back to normal. A friend of mine has alcoholic hepatitis and still drinks, still killing herself, so you have made the right choice for your body and your mind). Best wishes :pray:

Welcome back my friend. You can do this… ODAAT. :wink: also Hi and welcome @Heather13 good job on coming here, it’s such a supportive place. :pray:t2::two_hearts:

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You know, it was when I stopped posting here a couple of years ago that I fell off the wagon… which then proceeded to roll back and forth over me a few times, just for good measure.

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Thank you! I’m still trying to figure the app all out so I’m hoping it will help.

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Welcome back! The human body is an amazing thing. Its ability to heal its own mind, body, and soul is incredible. All it takes is a sober lifestyle, and a positive mindset along with patience…really, the possibilities are endless!!
Stay sober and you will begin to heal. You cannot go back to drinking anymore, that was the past. The future is healing.

Well, that’s certainly what I’m hoping, because I could use a little “healing” before things start getting critical.

Made it through the first day, anyway.

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You’re here. That’s a positive and practical step. It took a lot to bring you back and that took courage and determination to do that. Keep going.

Thanks. I’m annoyed at myself for having let my health deteriorate, but I’m hoping to get back on track.

Well, I’ve just returned home from my 12-day business trip, and much to my surprise, I found that I had left two 500 ml cans of beer on my kitchen counter. I remember buying them before I left on my business trip. There was a real temptation to drink them… but I dumped them out, down the kitchen drain instead of down my throat.
I’m coming up to two days in a couple of hours…


That take a lot of guts to just chuck away so well done!