Oh well. I have not done well this summer. I’ve felt guilty with every drink but somehow I’ve managed to tell the little voice to eff off.

I’ve hit reset this morning.

I have to admit that while I know I need to not drink I’m currently thinking about all the drinks I want. I need to pull out my toolbox. Time to revisit my podcasts, my meditation mat, my massage balls and roller.


A stupid lapse in thinking…I decided that music festival and vacation would be more enjoyable with alcohol. After a few weeks it got out of hand and I started thinking that waking up in the morning would be more enjoyable with alcohol. :disappointed:


Ouch girl, but glad you are back at it. It is for sure a process. Keep working that toolbox and building your sober muscles.

Summer, festivals, weekends, life…it all really is just as good…BETTER…sober. No guilt, no bad decisions, no regret, no hangovers, no lying, no vomit…the list is long.

Good to see you back.


Good to hear from you. I checked on your profile. At the time it said you had logged in recently so I thought you were OK.

Sorry to hear things got out of hand quickly. Besides the drinking how was your trip?

Yeah…I had been poking my head in occasionally but not participating.