Back at Day 1 today, but I still move forward!

Hi there

I have a unique DOC. Sadly, I fell off the wagon today. I know why I did. I am starting again and I will be okay.

Just wanted to be honest.



It’s been the most difficult thing for me to get honest with myself. I admire your bravery, I’ve been on day 1 more times than I can count.

But you know what? As much as I’m like…its day one…:roll_eyes::roll_eyes: I’m also like okay yay its day 1 :grin:.

I’m currently on day 4 going into 5 and I just wanted to say I can relate to being back at 1 and I just wanted you to know I’m rooting for you! I believe you can do it. I believe we all can! The key is to keep giving it all we got!

Well done. Looking forward to seeing you on day 2 :grin::v:


Glad you shared Don, Going back to day one can be hard, but I like that you said you know why. Do you also have an idea how to avoid the why next time? For me, Everytime I “have this figured out” an new why show up. Hang in there enjoy Day 1 and make Day 2 happen.

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I too have been back to day one a few times Right now looking forward to day two.

Hey there:

I am on a new day 3 from the last time I made this original post. I keep saying this, it is okay to fall 1,000 times as long as we get up 1,001 times.

We can and will do this! Hang in there! I believe in you and we will all get through this!


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Keep in keeping on sober soldier!
Night night from NZ