Back at trying again

Well I’m not really sure where to start in all this. I’ve used this app before to stop drinking and made it a whole month. I’ve recently come to the terms that I need to stop again but I’m scared. I enjoy drinking and it’s not like I get black out drunk but I drink everynight. At the most it’s only a 6 pack but I have to finish it before bed or I end up waking up and finishing it.


Glad you are back! My friend @Quitter always says something that helps him… You can drink again, just not today. Maybe next week, just not today. So tell yourself that every day. Just don’t drink today.

Welcome back pal!


Yup I just keep telling myself I’ll get high tomorrow… Tomorrow never comes if you live in today


First, congratulations on your first month! You’re starting to get where it gets easier, and you start to see the benefits.

As I’m sure you’ve figured out, getting blackout drunk isn’t a prerequisite to being an alcoholic. In more than 20 years of drinking, I only got truly blackout drunk three times. But I, like you, drank every night, and on the weekends, did some pretty aggro day drinking, too.

And if you’re driven by financial gain:
1 six pack is about $7
There are 7 nights in a week, so that’s $49/week.
There are 30 days in most months, so that’s $210/month.

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