Back to day one again for 1000th time

Well i gave into my cravings lastnight. I feel like an idiot… i usually use when i pissed off or haveing an off day. But not yesterday i did just to do it. It sucks but gotta just try again… but its always hard hitting the 2week mark. Ive only passed that point once since ive been 13… but got into my doc when i was 19…
What are some good tips to help one over the hump of two weeeks


As hard as it is to try and do, you have to just live one day at a time and do whatever is necessary to stay sober one day at a time. I’m currently 33 days sober. I pray every morning, workout, go to AA meetings, talk to my sponsor and others (like this forum). I find myself asking God for help all day on some days. Keep reaching out on here, and to others you trust. Remember, you are not alone. It may seem like it, but you’re not. Stay in contact with us on here brother. Talking about it helps a lot!


Try a meeting might help wish you well


Been there a thousand times, too. I’ve had sober streaks from a day to 5 years. I may constantly be fighting my alcohol addiction until one of us wins :unamused:. But One thing that helps me when I’m climbing the walls is to do something else immediately- like go see a movie or walk, shop, call a friend or bake a cake and eat the whole damn thing. I figure anything is better than downing drinks (because it’s never “a” drink). Think about how much stronger you’ll feel by not giving in to a temporary craving. Hang in there!


Let me guess. You are trying to do it alone? You think it’s just a matter of will power? That you became weak in the moment and gave in? If that sounds at all correct you absolutely need to try a different approach. It’s a matter of life and death my friend :pray:


I was a chronic relapser for 22 years. I just couldn’t “get” recovery. The first thing I had to do was delete ALL numbers of dealers and then I had to tell those I knew that I would be MIA for “awhile” (which ended up being a forever thing bcuz most of them just went there own way or overdosed and never had the chance to get recovery). You gotta make it hard for urself to use. The first 2 weeks I focused on HALT (hungry, angry, lonely, tired) alot. When I was hungry, I ate, when I was tired, I rested. Etc. I wasn’t much into prayer then but I attended mtgs alot. I worked out to get those feel good hormones going. When those cravings hit, I took care of them asap. Don’t hold onto that little nagging thot until it gets too strong and too big to manage. Put that shit right in its place. Give ur addictive thinking a name and tell it to “F” off lol. I used to call her (my additvie thinking) “Corrupt Cici” lol my DOC was Crack. Sometimes Ive literally said “F” off out loud lol Call someone, talk to us on TS, hang out with sober friends or family, clean, any distraction really. I also incorporated deep breathing and some basic meditation which calms the mind. Lots of self care! You CAN do this!! It’s not impossible no matter how long uv been fighting this demon. You’re worth fighting for :slight_smile:


Have you ever been to rehab or substance abuse counseling?

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