Back to the grind

Didn’t do too well this weekend. Onward I guess. I’m happy to get back to the with week. Lots more structure.


Don’t get discouraged, weekends are the hardest,especially seeing other people partying,socializing…and drinking!!!You have to find what works for you to deal with such situations.I am only on day 16,feeling great by the way but trying to avoid all social gatherings that I know will involve everyone around me having drink in their hand!!!It sucks but I just can’t be tempted because I know I am in very fragile stage of my sobriety and I don’t want to risk going back to the misery I was while drinking!!!Stay focused!8))


I just had my first sober weekend and it was sooooo hard, but being back at work today (Not hungover on a Monday) felt really good. Sometimes I feel like I’m missing out on “fun” but being functional for my family and the structure of the workweek got me through it! Hang in there

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