Baclofen Thread- The Power goes sober

Hey guys

The last summer was hard, because of the drinking. But, theres one good thing: It brought me to the decision to stop with the alcohol. Since September 7, i am doing a therapy with baclofen and i like to share my journey with you.

A few words to my person: I’m a 36-year-old man and started my binge drinking career 20 years ago. I’m not a really heavy addiced, i have much more sober than drunk days, but: It was and it is always the same stuff: When i start drinking, i am going until i’m drunk. At the moment, i doing this normally once a week, the amount per “drinking event” are 5 to 8 litres of beer. For a long time, it was not really a problem, but know, since 3-4 years, the blackouts and hangxiety are going to killing me mentally. It also started to have negative effects to my whole life (family, friends, women, work, sport…), so just can’t go on like this anymore.

Last month, i heard about the baclofen therapy (created by a french doctor, who did this to himself) and my doc agreed to do this. Now, i’m dosing up, until the cravings are gone. I’m not religious, but i pray to god this will bring my torture finally to an end. At the moment, im taking 40mg, but the cravings are still there and i drank last. But i don’t give up and i will fightback until i win.

I share this with you because i hope that this can help maybe some of you too to going out of the s***. I wish you guys all the best with your fight, lets bring this to a happy end.

Disclaimer: The baclofen therapy is not suitable for all alcoholics and there are some risks with this medication. If you decide to do this therapy, please do this under medical supervision only! If you like to know more about this topic, please google the baclofen therapy. My english is not the best, so it would take me hours to explain. Sorry.

Important Edit October 14: I started at 5 mg and slowly dosed up to 50 mg until Oct 13, now im taking 40mg. “Day 1” is not the first Day of the therapy, its the first day of the sobriety, so i didnt started at 40mg! Thats way to high for the start. Dose up slowly! And again, only with a doc!


Google came back with treatment for spinal cord injuries and multiple sclerosis. I couldn’t find anything in reference to treatment of alcoholism. Is this medication you’re taking? For withdrawal? Cravings? Are you still drinking while doing this treatment? Sorry for all the questions, I like to educate myself when I see something posted that I’m not familiar with.


Baclofen + alcoholism works better. On average the reviews aren’t too positive, but who knows how it will work for one individual?


I think there are better and safer medications on the market than Baclofen. For example naltrexone. This medication helpt me allot against cravings.

Baclofen and alcohol are an dangerous combination! You should not drink while using this medication.
I hope your doctor warned you about the hazards and risks combining both substances?

But anyway I wish you good luck and hope this treatment works for you :v::muscle::blue_heart:


It’s a depressant too. I find it strange that it would be used to help with cravings. You’re right though, who knows how it will work for one individual. Thank you for the link. It was very educational.

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In my work, I use it for muscle spasms only. Has a sedative/drowsiness side effect and in the older population it’s frowned on due to fall risk.


Working in pharmacy I see it primarily prescribed for muscle relaxant and have never heard of it being used in combating alcoholism but I went to my medscape website and found this. Seems very off label and most likely would not work for everyone. It shouldn’t be taken together for sure and maybe that is the base of the thinking. Interesting read for sure


dang I put them backwards. Read the second one first :woman_facepalming:t2:


Man this post reminds me of 2 years ago. Denying your problem, looking for easy ways out, and I’m sure the combativeness is next now that people are calling you out.


I had a doctor put me on this stuff for my back about a year ago, and other doctors couldn’t believe it when I told them. It’s a strong anti-spasm med meant primarily for treating MS, as you found.

It did fuck-all for my back.


Thank you all for your reactions, great that the people here are open to new addiction therapies and i totally understand if you are sceptic. But i’m doing this under medical support and i thought about that very carefully.

I’m also in special baclofen forum in my own language and there are many people who found the way out of their addiction. But not just this, they are happy sober today because they have no or just weak cravings. Its a chance, so give it a try.

If you are also intressed to try baclofen, great. But do this under medical supervision.

@Lisa07 Yes, i’m drinking. But it was less than before. Its a good start😎

@Englishd Youre right, i’m searching for a easy way so that i didnt have to fight anymore. And youre right about my thinking two years ago. But theres a big difference from then to now: I dont want to moderate anymore. Today, im done with alcohol. I just want this poison throwing out of my life.


Why do you drink?


Thats a very good question. In short, i would say: I started as a teenager because its normal to drink in our society. And, to be honest, i absolutley loved the feeling to be drunk. Later, i drank to forget the stress. And now, i’m drinking because of the overwhelming cravings or, too feel better in social situations or to be less nervous in competitive situations in darts. Sounds stupid, and i guess it is😏

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I hope so because drinking on baclofen can lead to bad places. I drank on muscle relaxers and ended up in jail.

Imma give you a hot tip tho. There is no easy way to sobriety. No matter which path you choose it requires effort and change.


[quote=“Englishd, post:14, topic:127409”]
I hope so because drinking on baclofen can lead to bad places. I drank on muscle relaxers and ended up in jail.[/quote]

Wow, sounds scary🤯What happened?

Well, okay. Of course, it wouldnt be easy. But i hope to find a way which is a bit easier. Easier, but not easy. I know that i have to do more than just to swallow some pills. Unfortunatley😏

So, after midnight here in middle europe, lets go for another day 1. May it be the last one

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Blacked out and woke up in jail. You’d have ask the police what happened. I was 18 at the time and it was not uncommon for me to black out.

They are both depressants so your normal amount of drinking will be greatly magnified.

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They put you in jail and didnt told you why? I which country do you live?

Really? So, i heard that you get drunk faster if you take baclofen. But thx for the warning, i will ask my doc

They may have told me but I was too drunk to remember. You will absolutely get drunk faster on baclofen. But you will also black out faster. Also mixing depressants is dangerous business.

I was charged with underage drinking only and paid a $500 fine.

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Wow, that was an expensive evening…Of course, its never a good idea to mix alcohol and medicines. So lets throw out the alcohol and let the cure begin✌️

Btw Seems that you are american. In Switzerland, there is no law against underage drinking (but its not allowed to sell alcohol to minors). You are allowed to drink as soon as you are 16 (except Spirits, to buy spirits you have to be 18 or older). When i was young, i thought that its great. Today im thinking that this is way to early. But this is a bit off topic