Bad luck came to a end

So two hours later I got a call for a medical assistants position at GW urgent care. I’m a little
excited :blush: I have my interview tomorrow but the good things is I will be starting in September 1 so good news out weighed my bad :disappointed: luck today
because I have 60 days to get my urine clean (god welling)


Seems to me that you need to stop doing drugs…

Congrats on the good news. Maybe use this 60 days or more working on this sobriety thing and getting to know what recovery is all about.


Very best of luck on your journey, Fatimah.

Beginning of letting the real you shine through and seeing where you end up. I’ve no doubt the strength you gain through sobriety will serve you well in your medical career.

Keep posting and stay strong. I was a daily, secret drinker and am celebrating 9 months sober today. It’s possible if you want it.

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