BBC programme on now anyone in the uk?

Hi just wondered if anyone in the UK is watching the programme on BBC one now on Britain’s drink problem?

I’ll get it on catch up :grinning:

It’s worth it… Adrian chiles… it’s very interesting actually. Helping me on my day 9 anyway lol

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Just put it on, thanks for the heads up.:+1:

No problem :slightly_smiling_face:

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Whats it called ill get it on demand tomorrow :slight_smile:

Britain’s drink problem… it was a bbc panorama programme x

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I think it’s the one linked to @Mobius’s guardian article yesterday.

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I will watch on catch up. Thanks for sharing and bringing the programme to my attentio n.

Will watch on catch up also x

Thank you will try and watch it today!

Watched this now tbh none of it surprised me atall and the fact alot of adults dont know the reccomended units per week not surprised but also… i doubt alot would follow this anyway even if they did! I know i didnt and would get through the weekly reccomended most nights let alone a week.
They make to much money from the alcohol industry to change much its all about choice which is our own.