Beautiful sleep! (Warning, a bit gross)

So last night I was trying to get to sleep, a nice early night and I couldn’t and my bed was itchy, scratchy itchy (gross right!!!¡)

…I’ve realised during sober time that my sleeping hygiene is so so so much improved and how much of a sloth I used to let myself be. Now I change the bed average of once a week, if I don’t, then I start to get urgh -itchy, not sure if it’s psychological or urghhh but yeah, once a week, nice clean sheets, old ones off and cooked up good in the washing machine, occasionally I’ll cook up a whole duvet in there, I’ll air the duvets during the day, without the sheets on… Then make a nice fresh bed… Sleep is nice!!

When I was drinking, I basically passed out, sometimes not even in the bed, it wasn’t sleep it was a black out, I’d wake in the night almost every night with excruciating pain in one leg, where it was in cramp. I didn’t notice any bed itching etc… Despite having very poor routine for changing the sheets, I guess I just changed them if I’d spilled something in the bed, I don’t know how regularly, I dread to think, the room must have stank. Back when I used to smoke, the bed was also essentially a giant ash tray… I had to make a point of being a morning shower-er and washed my hair every single day to try and hide this behaviour.

Sheets are in the wash now btw!! :rofl::joy::rofl:


I neglected my hygiene at times when I was drinking. I got itching at night. It was usually withdrawal from alcohol and I get it if I withdraw from pregabalin. Also, using non-biological washing tablets/powder helps to prevent itching. I sometimes found pizza in the sheets, which was a nice snack in the early hours. :pizza:

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