Because PETS are best


lets see YOUR pets. Here are mine because on days where people SUCK you always have your bestfriends


Continuing the discussion from Post photos of your pets!:


Ugh, I’m trying to link the previous threads but it’s not letting me


Oh sorry I didn’t know there was already a thread :expressionless:


No worries. Everyone is just trying to figure out how to ultimately organize the info here to the extent we can for easier access for everyone, pets included.


I love these threads. There could be a hundred of them for all I care. I just wanted you to have a link so you can see everyone’s beautiful animals!


Thanks me too😁


Puppies make me happier than anything.


Omg me too. :heart_eyes:


Really baby animals PERIOD lol



do my kids and MR Hopkins count?.. btw… these faces you see is why I’m 21 days sober tomorrow


Not sure how your kids would react to being called pets :grinning:, but you can certainly post the picture. I consider this forum to be pretty safe


You go momma! Keep it up