Becoming an Overcomer

This was more of a lapse than a relapse, as I think the difference in both is important. I used to do drugs daily upon waking up. I finally realized I deserved more and became 2 1/2 years sober. Life turned around for me and things became great! On New Years Eve, 2021, I went to the urgent care for strep throat. I was turned away from 2 urgent cares because there was no room to be seen. This led me to the direction of the emergency room. All I wanted was an antibiotic. I didn’t ask for anything more, nor did they ask if I had a problem. I was prescribed 8 pain killers for the pain. Knowing I should have turned it down, I didn’t. I justified it in my head. I filled the script and took them. My sobriety date is now 1/3/2022. Yea I made a mistake. It could have cost me more. Instead, I admitted what happened to my therapist and he has helped me get through this. I am able to view it as a mistake instead of view it as a downfall. It took a long time to get where I am and this one incident will not stand in the way because I AM an Overcomer.
Thanks for letting me share!


Just a quick detour and reroute on your journey - way to use your resources to acknowledge, adapt and overcome. I aspire to have that self control to reset so quickly and get back on the road. Good job!


Its good that your able to be honest with yourself. Good save making it back to your recovery, i worry that if i decide to take something to help me through my pain i will be relying too much on it before i know it. I take 800mg ibuprofen when im hurting but i wait till the pain gets bad, with my drug use i have to tell myself not to take it every day maybe once a week.

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It took a while to get here and it was so hard to stay on track. The last couple weeks were tough but I’m so thankful to have pushed through them. It does get easier over time.

That’s good that you know yourself that well though! One day at a time! I’m rooting for you :muscle:t3:

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