Becoming great again

My name is john and for 6 years I was addicted to meth. I had never done a drug in my life till I was 26 and met my ex wife she was a nurse but had a meth addiction. We married after 3 months I didn’t realize she was an addict. I remember the first time we did meth together it only took that one time and I was addicted. Soon I had a $100 a day habit. I was becoming someone I didn’t know. Meth destroyed me and everything in my life after 6 years my marriage fell apart and she wanted a divorce we were both out of control. I didn’t handle her wanting a divorce well. I ended up doing a gram of meth half a gram of coke and 6 Xanax bars. My heart stopped.when I woke up in the hospital my pastor asked what could he do I said I needed help. I went to a rehab for 6 months but it didnt help me within 2 weeks of getting out i was back on it. I lost a good job lost my apartment bc my ex wife broke in and stole my money couldnt pay my rent. I was spiraling so far out of control I didn’t feel I had a purpose anymore so one night 6 months ago I put a loaded gun to my head and pulled the trigger but the gun jammed that’s when I knew I needed help so I found a awesome rehab I did 3 weeks and I’ve been going strong 5 months. I’ve gained alot of what I lost back I became an assistant general manager training to have my own store I can look in the mirror and truly say I love the man I see.


Congratulations on all the work you’re doing, and for having the courage to share your story with us!
It definitely gives a lot of us more inspiration and Hope!

Keep it up!

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Thank you. I want to help anyone I can. I don’t mind talking about what I’ve gone through. I used to tell my groups I did take 5 mins out of your day to listen to someone it might have just saved their life