Been sober for 37 just relapsed

Pray for me…I want to experience gods holiness and freedom from addiction. I want to break free from pornography. If u have something to say or some tips to encourage me…I would love that!


Yo, whats up, I can send you to a private forum!

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Hey Mike! I’m so glad that God’s always there to help us break those chains. We just need to turn to him first when we get weak and that’s something I need to work on more. Congrats on 37 days.

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Hi @Maikerufokasu1 we live in a world saturated with porn/images to tempt us but if you ask God for help, trust him and follow through he will help you.
Take it one good decision at a time.
Hang in there.


Sounds good. Want to be free so bad.

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