Before Cell Phones, Social Media & Streaming, I had to

Ah, yes…and it got stuck in the traction of my shoes and I’d get reemed out by Mom for tracking it into the house. Thanks, man. :+1::laughing:


I was jealous of my cousins who lived close to Germany so they had an additional three channels to watch. Around 1980 we got cable tv in Amsterdam, adding Belgian and German tv channels to what we could watch. And the BBC, but the first years only with favourable weather conditions.


I sure do!

How about the first smart wearable device??


Oh, yes. Casio was king then, too.




My casio fx-82, 43 years old or thereabouts. Still capable of doing naughty words. And it had only one battery change, some ten years ago.


My parents never had cable when I was growing up so those extra options made all the difference. But definitely not on stormy days :cloud_with_lightning_and_rain:

The only reason my parents have cable now is bc when they moved into my grandmothers house, after she died, they never canceled it.


Local TV affiliates actually produced programs and would sometimes air locally produced programs from sister stations in other markets. The late night classic horror movies hosted by a station employee or small-time actor in vampire or ghoul costume. We had Chiller, which aired from 12-1am on Saturday nights. Saturday afternoon we had Creature Double-Feature. There were bowling for dollars shows. Ours was “candlepins for cash”, which was cool because it was broadcast from the bowling lanes I frequented. There was local kids programs. The PBS affiliate in Boston produced ZOOM, which aired nationally.

Same could be said about radio. We had our favorite stations and DJ’s who were celebrities. You could call them and request songs. The late night guys might even talk to you on the air. Music from local bands got major play. In my area it was Aerosmith, Boston, The Cars, and the J. Giels Band.

Now it’s all big corporate stuff, syndicated and simulcast. No regional flavor.


We did this in primary school.

I remember my parents using this to pay with a credit card at a store.


These celebrity calendars were a big thing in the 90s. A diary, daily calendar, school timetable, friends’ book and address book celeb pics all combined with loads of pics of popular culture icons.


Oh what a fun!
I loved video libraries, mixtapes (and the struggle they often came with lol), going to the movie theater, making pictures with a (real) camera, way less humans everywhere, we had tons of books bc there was no internet, vinyl!
Less airplanes, the bread and ice cream tasted awesome, our time to go home was when the street lights went on, street maps made of paper and the struggle of folding it again after unfolding, telephone booths, no tv remote (I was the remote lol), only very limited tv time (go out and play with the kids instead of sitting in front of the tv) and so much more I forgot.


born in 95 and was gifted or found i don’t remember but a type writer i thought it was the coolest thing on earth and dial up internet :rofl::rofl::rofl:
And I still love old vintage items to my core along with music :joy::joy::joy:


Wondering about kids of 11 years nowadays :grimacing:

Some first version of Facebook or Instagram :see_no_evil::joy:


We called it poesiealbum which means both poetry-book (spelled poëzie and pronounced po-e-zie album) and kitty-book (pronounced as pussy) :black_cat:

It was a girls thing, my sis had one around 1970. I was fascinated by it (like everything my 4 year older sister had and did) and tried to look inside but it was locked…


Well, these ones are from the 90s :see_no_evil: yeah, it’s called Poesiealbum here as well.


I had a diary that I wrote in especially around age 9 and 10. It was a red leather book/journal and had a lock on it. I was thinking about this when I read @Diamonster post. My older brother wrote some really yucky things in it when he was in his teens.
I tore out a lot of the pages and later wished I knew what was on them
( exactly).


Oh hilarious, I found this one. It was before the wall fell obviously :joy: