Beginning again

There’s strength in community. I’m here to lean on the power of others and to talk about my crazy addiction. Why the hell is it so much easier to pick up a bottle than to put it down?
I’m trying to change the habit. I’m hopeful I can change with your help!


Good evening Mamabear. That bottle question is a good one. It’s one of many we are here working through. Glad to see you here as well.

The only way I can think to answer that question is that a part of the brain maintains a relationship with the bottles separate and apart from the other parts of our brain! So they have to fight it out. Good versus evil…And it truly is battle for the ages. Thankfully there is this forum! You can do it!

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You are addicted to alcohol. The bottle is easy to pick up because it is filled with alcohol. It is hard to put down because there is alcohol in it.

Because we are alcoholics sometimes the obvious answers are hard to see. The drug clouds our minds and our judgement.

Eventually the fog lifts and we can easily answer our questions with the same answer: “because i’m an alcoholic.”


Why is one never enough??
Because i’m an alcoholic.

Why is not drinking so hard?!
Because i am an alcoholic.

Why do i keep doing this to myself?
Because i am an alcoholic.

Why cant i drink responsibly??
Because i’m an alcoholic.


The world we live in tells us that out of all the poisons out there alcohol is the socially excepted one. That’s why it was so hard for me all those years. No excuse, I’m an alcoholic and I’ve finally admitted it. Keep going!! :blush: