Being in a tough spot!

So I’m in law inforcement for my job and I got called out to do a drug bust today and had to arrest someone that was clean and sober for 24 years. This guy used to be in my NA meeting ever since I got sober. Anyway it made me realize how hard this disease is and no matter how long a person there is always a chance for relapse.


Wow that is a tough spot. That’s why you just gotta take it day by day. Hopefully he gets some help… and gets back at it. :pray:t3:

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Definitely a good reminder of why we work so damn hard to be clean.

The monster is still there, lurking for its big moment.
We always have to be aware.
I hope he gets back to sobriety :pray:t2:

Wow! That must have been really hard on you. This just proves we’re all just one day away from a relapse and must stay vigilant at all times.

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