Being sober doesn't mean that life is over

I keep seeing on this page that a lot of young people (especially) keep saying that - imagining life without alcohol is impossible. Being young and having fun means being drunk and stupid–how will I ever go on without a drink?! Well ladies and gentlemen it is possible… And it is better, so much fucking better!

I’m going to drop some knowledge on you… There is this saving grace in Alcoholics Anonymous… Yeah I know, you hear AA and think old people but I can asure you there is so much more if you are willing to give it a try… There is this magical thing called YPAA = Young People of Alcoholics Anonymous!!! Holy shit right!

This large group is pretty amazing each state for hosts conferences and has committies (click link above for more information) and puts on events and parties and crazy fun times… And usually there are AA meetings just for Young People…

And next week alone this the international conference of YPAA in Baltimore Maryland… get your rooms now!!!

I’m telling you guys there is so much more to being sober than you think and life is a party!

Come to icypaa and party all weekend SOBER with 5,000++ young sober recovering alcoholics and see for yourself :heart:️ you won’t regret it! I’m almost 4 years sober and I havent once missed drinking with my “friends”

Love you guys lots and lots


See you there!

Hell freaking yahhhh

somebody mention old people . ovr on fifa 18 is 90 lol

Hahaha you can’t be serious lol

Well in ypaa ppl are pretty honest

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We are going to get @Ray_M_C_Laren to an event eventually


The Maryland Renaissance Festival starts this weekend. It is a lovely and unique experience if you have some time on either end of the conference. I have some friends who are musicians there.