Best Hiding Spot for alcohol....that I got caught out

In my garden under tomato plants


Best hiding spot for alcohol: deep in a volcano, consumed by a thousand oceans of lava.

In seriousness, though, hiding alcohol is like planting a bomb for yourself. Whatever the hiding spot, it’s just going to end up hurting you. It hangs over your head when it’s there, eating away at you, and if you ever go back for any other reason than to dispose of it… no. Pick freedom instead. No more poison, anywhere.

Edit: I don’t know how I feel about this kind of post. There’s a time and place for making fun of our addict behaviours, for trying to relate to people, but without any context, this almost comes across as “glorifying the life”, stirring up interest in it. And that makes me concerned for those members here who are in a really tough spot or freshly sober, who are struggling enough with thoughts of drinking without getting more ideas about it.


My stomach


Yeah, my mouth hole always seemed to make it disappear never to be seen again.


My husband used to try to hide his bottles from me. I grew an expert in finding them…

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When I came clean about my addiction, I showed where my hiding places were. The attic crawl space was a big one. So was my closet of garden tools. Nothing like some vodka with a potting soil chaser…

There was nothing pretty about what I did. It kept me hidden in secrecy and shame - and I did it anyway. Every. Single. Day.


Mine was a locker in my workshop. Only I had the key.


My locker at work or my purse/backpack.
And the laundry room…ugh. Welp! I don’t have to do that anymore!


I once sliced through the lining of my winter coat to hide a bottle of booze as I was coming into the house so if they checked my purse they wouldn’t find anything. Wow. Talk about cunning, baffling, and powerful :broken_heart:


Everyday was like Easter morning for an alcoholic at my house. In cabinets, behind furniture, under the seats in the car, in boxes in the garage.

Bottles and cans, just clap your hands.


Same. Anywhere and everywhere. I’m still finding them in the garage where I’ve just shoved them behind things.
I cleared out the utility room the other day, cus I’m dropping the ceiling, found loads.
Shameful really. The kids have found them in their Wellington boots before.


Used to stick ours in the bells of our instrumente. As a trombonr player, i was everyones best friend. We would also ask the groupies to stick them in their skirts because we knew the guards wouldnt pat them down. Well, people found out sooner or later and we’d be like, i dont know her…

I wish I could remember all the fun places my crack-head self hid things. I used to hide drugs in random mailboxes when I thought the police were chasing me.

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That was my favorite spot. I didn’t get past that spot lol.

If I hid alcohol it just made it take longer to get into me, and I was definitely not about waiting for a drink. The bottle rode shotgun on the drive home and then it sat on the coffee table, to the top right of my plate of food.

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In the tank of the toilet for bottles. My pocket or under a desser drawer for drugs

Never had to hide it. Cat didn’t care.


Omg what haha

I never hid my booze but when I drank at work i would sneek off to the bathroom and drink a shot or two then i would hide the empties in the back of the toliet which worked fine till the tank sounded like it was full of ping pong balls every time you flushed it.


Workbench in garage has two
high compartments with a lid, it was perfect for hiding booze, nobody else could reach it to look, in my garage back east I’d keep the tubes of whiskey bottles to decorate the garage, well the tubes werent always empty
Im realizing more in sobriety how much I drank and for how many years.

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