Best part of being Dad



No, never heard of it. Good?


Yes. I guess its more of a midwest pizza chain. 8961736_Qe5dkaas3vpl_2E5eHfzH__6s4L0QgRC3l3ga363-Nk


Thats cool. Its own little heart shaped pizza box, so classic!


You can actually get the samething only full size


This last weekend was a bit lazy. Lots of reading!

Collin had a Pinewood Derby. He didnt take 1st, but we’re proud of him being a good sport! Cant find the pictures i took.

On another note. Its snowing again. Its supposed to begin melting over the next week since it will be warming up though. Crossing my fingers.


Its almost here! We wont bring him to a Brewers game yet. Butt we’ll pay half the price and let him have lots of fun at a single A team!


Jack has become such a cute kid!

We also went on a date to Costco with Bennett.


Adorable little guy - also jealous that you have a Costco with self check-out. Hate the dance around the checkout… especially with a little one in the cart.


It’s new. We are stoked. Having 5 boys means that we are a Costco family.


Okay, went 9n a date with Bennett to a donut store. This is how he eats his donuts.

I also caught him reading to himself in his chair.

Then a good one of Elliott reading to Jack. My boys like Room on the Broom.


I love baseball, i grew up playing baseball. I stopped playing when I entered HS because of smoking weed and drinking. After HS i quit smoking weed but kept drinking and was able to find my way into mens softball which I played until I was 42 and drank heavily for those years. After the birth of my 2nd son I couldnt make time for it anymore. Now both of my boys are 12 and 9 and love baseball. Because of my sobreity Im able to get out there again, throw around a ball and teach them what I know, not enough, but it helps. If I was still drinking I wouldn’t have the drive, energy or desire to do this. I know its shitty. But now its fantastic. That is the best part of being a Dad. Being able to hang with my boys and teach them something. I love it.


Jack has started climbing. Ugh, worst stage. Going to have to put up the baby gate again.

Rachel took Collin, Truman and Elliott to a Mother/Son Dance last Saturday. Sounded like a blast. Games, bouncy houses, dancing. They won lots of candy playing the games and went and did the donut walk at the end of the night when people were done with it. No one was in line, so they just did it over and over again. I think Truman and Elliott had about 4 each. Krispy Kreme. Not regular glazed, but the specialized kinds. Lucky kids.


Huge Jenga

Tru and Ell dancing to Beat It by MJ.

Game On!

We also went to the Elk Feeding Station last weekend. Its like 20-25 minutes from our house.

Fun weekend! I took Bennett and Jack to Taco Bell (Bennett’s favorite :joy:) while the older boys were at the dance.


Haven’t posted in a while. We’ve been busy. Ive been busy. My clinic bought out another chiropractor that was retiring. We absorbed his patients. Its been busy as a result.
Collin was part of his 2nd grade spelling bee. He got 3rd place. We’re super proud of him.

Then Collin made a cake all by himself on his 1/2 birthday. It was a lemon cake. A family favorite.

Here’s some pictures of our family Geocaching in the desert.

Crazy kids

I took my boys to the circus back in March. They loved the dude getting shot from the cannon.

Another Saturday looking for Geocaches. This time on bikes along the highway.

Snack time. It’s impossible to get even one shot of everyone’s faces at the same time. Smh.

Here’s Collin with our meatloaf cake for April Fool’s Day. Truman was extremely mad about it. “You always make the worst, stupid food!”

2 weeks ago, during spring break, the majority of our family went down with the flu. It was a quiet week, but super crappy.

Collin is in Little League this season. We went to the batting cages for practice.

The boys entered an Art Show at their school. Truman and Elliott have the geometric shapes in the top right. Collin’s is in the second picture of the undergrowth

Its been an eventful month, full of fun activities and sickness. Its finally spring, which we have been dying for.