Best part of being Dad


I love being a Dad. My boys are crazy and drive me nuts. But, they are still amazing. And so, I thought to start a thread where I can catalog my kids nutty things they do.

Today’s fun thing. The twins were play fighting. Elliott bit Truman’s back. Afterwards he turned to me whining with a mouth full of blood.

Me: “What in the world?!”

Elliott: “Dad, my tooth is missing!”

Sure enough, it was gone. After scouring the floor for it, we eventually found it stuck in Truman’s back.

We all had a good laugh.


Great story! Lol. I was terrified of losing my teeth. My step dad always knew how to make it funny for me. Please keep posting your dad stories. I’d love to read them all.


:smiley::smiley::smiley: You got it. With 4 boys and another boy on the way, theres a never ending supply of stories. Lost teeth could be a category of its own, honestly. Anywhere from kicked out, hit out, lost in a public pool (and miraculously found), pulled out by themselves with pliers, to swallowing it while eating an apple. It’s all fun and games here.

Some more fun from the weekend:


I am screaming! They are so adorable. Lol. I’ll bet they keep you busy! I’m tired just reading 4 boys lol.

Congrats on the bun in the oven. When is he due? Seeing them, hearing you, I’m really impressed. I’m glad to see a father, being sober, and being a great father. You know? Sorry if I’m rambling lol. It’s just very touching.


Not at all! Of course, I love talking about my boys. Not pictured is my oldest. He is at Legoland with my wife right now. The baby is due early July. We are hoping he comes in June though, because then we have his birthday in June,
Bennett (2 1/2 y.o.) in July,
me in August,
Collin (7 y.o.) in September,
Truman & Elliott (twins 5 1/2) in October,
Rachel in November

Birthdays all year long! A reason to have cake on at least a monthly basis if we celebrate half birthdays as well.

Which we do!


Your wife is a trooper! Battling California on her own?!?! Lucky kid though. I’ve never even been to Legoland!
They are just beautiful. How did you guys handle having twins? That is truly my nightmare lol.

You both are amazing.


Yeah, twins were and are a handful. It was a horrible pregnancy. My wife had TTTS and had swollen up to the size of 39 weeks at only 24 weeks. I was in the toughest part of grad school, donating plasma, and foolishly training for a marathon. It was not the best time in the world. They’re great now. They just have crazy energy and feed off each other.


Kids are awesome.


Fellow twin parent over here to 2.5 year old boys , how amazing that you have 4 boys and another on the way , that’s amazing!! I appauled ye I’m straggled with only the 2 :joy::joy:


It’s a lot of work, but they’re a lot of fun.

Right now Bennett is demanding more whipped cream on his jello.


They are Soooo cute!!! Now that I’ve seen the rest of your family, I kind of want to put a face to your amazing pregnant wife that helps rear these adorable boys! Lol


:grin: Here’s my girl.


She’s beautiful and glowing! Pregnancy looks great on her!


She’s very practiced at it. :smiley:

Today’s fun with the boys was buying mousetraps and poison to kill a mouse that’s hiding in our garage. They’re super excited to catch it/kill it.


Some fun from Legoland, where Collin and my wife are right now.


Fun of the day. Woke at 6:00 to exercise in the living room. I hear Bennett talking in his sleep: “What do birds eat?”

And back to sleep.


Oh yeah, also that freaking mouse just stole the cheese and left the traps unsprung. We put Peanut Butter on them this time around. If that doesn’t work we’re going to set out poison bait.


Yesterday, Rachel and Collin came home from a 5 day trip to Legoland - California. They had a blast, but I sure missed them! So glad to be back together as a family again.

Always wanting to remember this. My addiction could tear my wife and children away from me if it continues to rule my life. How long can a woman stay with a man who devalues her by putting Porn first? I will not allow that to happen! Rachel is my best friend and I love her forever. Look at the amazing life we have created together. The beautiful children. There’s to much to lose. I will be free, and be the husband/father my family deserves.


You seen that YouTube channel where that guy tests every kind of mousetrap?


No! Link? I also have poison that I haven’t set out yet. I could have also done the old bucket of water with the spinning rod on it. The boys were just so excited to trap the mouse.