Binge drinker the weekend has arrived

So here it is the weekend Im grieving a loss at this stage in my life which is heartbreaking (i talk on another forum about that ) I’ve not been wanting to socialise but been out 3 times with my husband each time leading to drinking huge amounts and being depressed for the whole week im on day 5 I don’t drink in the week x tomorrow is a meal out with friends were i would normally have a few glasses of wine And taking our daughters to see a panto x I do drink to help my aniexty when out but it doesn’t help it makes me feel worse days after looking forward to watching the panto sober free !!!


I’m in the same spot as you, day 4 sober and I binge on the weekends @Bayern315 had said something that helped me yesterday " There are excuses to drink everywhere, but to maintain sobriety, none are valid. Just be strong and remind yourself why you stopped drinking and why you want to remain a nondrinker." I then wrote a list of all the reasons I wanted to stay sober. It helped me yesterday and I hope it will help you today. You can do this.


I am a weekend binge drinker. So far I’m 12 days sober. Last weekend was Thanksgiving, and I fought hard to remain sober. A couple times I did think of going to the liquor store, but I stayed strong. I got plenty of ginger ale, mint tea, and water. If you like fruit, GET PLENTY! Fruit just tastes so good to me these days! Having a clear mind made the holiday weekend so fulfilling.Seemed like the days went on forever, but not boring, just relaxing. I actually had a chance to ENJOY my time off, instead of being drunk, vomiting, and blacking out. No hangovers, no panic attacks, no guilt the next day. You can do it! Stand strong in your recovery!!!


I’m also a weekend binge drinker. When I don’t drink on a weekend my life just feels 100x better. Last week being with my family was great. But last night i had a slip up. At my worst it was three days a week now its once every other week but thats not good enough.

Take time to analyze your triggers and why you get caught off guard. For me I realize when I don’t have a plan ahead of time of how I’m going to stay away or how I’m not going to put myself in that situation it helps. I think I’m going to go to meetings Fridays and Saturdays or something to keep it front of mind since those are my rough days. I let myself off the book too much and that’s when I blink and I’m drunk.