Binge eating

I am 10 days clean and cannot stop eating. It’s the only thing keeping me sane right now.

I really don’t want to gain any more weight but… That can of Pringles isnt going to eat itself! Lol.

What healthy activity did you find helpful during early recovery? Any input would be awesome!


I did the same thing! I gained about 50lbs, but I was extremely under weight while using, and i was in inpatient treatment for 3 months. My eating habits slowed and I dont snack often anymore. I workout when I can and though I haven’t dropped any pounds I’m getting “happy” with my body finally.

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Ugh yeah that bag of hotfries wont eat itself hahaha
I started jogging and doing nature hikes/walks.Also I make healthy smoothies to try to fill myself up.

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Smoothies are a great idea. It would be nive to create time to go outside more often but mother nature currently has other plans :grin:

I am trying to be soft on myself and accept my body. As it is.

Hoping the snaking slows down soon. Its getting out of hand!

Yep! The binge eating is normal. Your body is still craving the empty calories (empty meaning no nutrition) it’s used to get from the booze.
I let myself binge for a few weeks, but I also started walking around my neighborhood with headphones on, running a bit if I felt up to it.
Sometimes I’d run with cheetos in my backpack and I’d tell myself I couldn’t eat them until I reached a certain running goal. Lol! So silly but it worked!
Around 30 days the cravings for junk subsided. Now I’m drinking a lot more water too which curbs hunger. I never realized how thirsty I was until I got sober!


I struggle with binge eating as well, except i have an eating disorder unfortunately. It makes me feel really invalid but im trying to be kinder to myself. I chew gum and take a walk playing Pokemon Go to give myself something to do, instead of sitting at home. Sometimes ill do floor exercises too :crystal_ball:

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Oh yeah, that insatiable appetite!

The best advice I can give you is water. Drink it! It not only hydrates but makes you feel fuller.

If you have a sweet tooth I find sugar free fruit drops a great alternative as I’m watching my weight too.

Oh and congratulations :heart_eyes:

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I’ve always had a salt tooth but since I stopped drinking I have had an intense sweet tooth which is super weird for me. I don’t want to get decision fatigue so I’m not really worrying about it since not drinking is the focus right now. But I have a pizza hangover. Yuck.

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I need to get some of those dole fruit pops for the nice weather!!

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You were probably getting all of your sugar from the alcohol. I was the same. I recently found myself staring at the cream cakes in the supermarket. Not like me at all! :smile:

I also have a wicked sweet tooth since I quit drinking! And pms soooo…between no alcohol and that-I can see why I am currently daydreaming of something sweet lol.

Omg…kitkats right now are my thing…i am going to blow up like a puffer fish

Dude. I just bought fluff, I’ll be there with you! At least I said no to the icecream staring me down…

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I did the same thing when I started recovery! It’s very common. I also was afraid of gaining weight, and I did! If you have the good will try exercise, yoga, painting; but if not don’t worry continue eating but don’t use or drink! Later, when you feel more stable you can recover you’re figure :stuck_out_tongue:, I can tell you that now I have a healthy body, I mostly eat well and I’m in love with myself :slight_smile:

Struggling with this tooooo. My therapist says that addiction recovery is something we chip away at. So I’m focusing in calling out how I feel when I binge. Ever heard of HALT? Hungry, angry, tired, loney. It’s usually one of those. Sometimes I think, “Welp, yeah I’m pissed…that’s nice. Pass the cheetos”. But you know…baby steps.

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