Blown for days

Questions it been five days I’m really getting blown no weed for five days kind of going carzy
Questions does weed roaches about 2 make your urine drity or taking two puff make your urine drity .

Yes it will make it dirty, any amount and form of weed will. Now how long it stays in your system is totally up to your body. Everyone is different so it could stay in your system for a day or weeks.

Is weed your doc that you are trying to kick?


Yes louwho and it very hard for me to I been somking for about 12 years now

Weed can stay in your system for months . And it depends on the person. Weed holds onto any fatty cells and releases over time. Are you do for a drug test? If you want to quit for yourself and your health, try detoxing with using a gallon or more of water a day (first thing in a.m) have hot lemon tea in the day. Take vitamin b. Also sweat it out!! Do an hour cardiovascular to literally sweat out toxins(they do also exit this way). Drink enough water so your peeing all day.

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Thank you for this information