Brain is burning

It is ramadan, I am fasting today. I had an exam started at 08 00 am. And now back to the dormitory. I couldn’t stop those intense cravings for watching porn. The exam also weren’t so good. I feel tempted a lot. the waves of desire for watching that shit is increasing as my heartbeatings interfere with my thinking. Any advice?

Not a follower of Islam, but I do know what a period of prayer and fasting is all about. It is a time of purification, sacrifice. It is a time to press in, to cast away those things that come between you, and your highest power.

Use this time wisely. Focus on your prayer and fasting. Draw strength from your faith, and defeat your addiction.



You got that right. I have always believed that There would be a way out of this. People don’t know about this but as I am a seven years addict, I destroyed my soul by letting myself get exposed this thing. This soul destroyer. People were asking me about my mood, sometimes I am like a hero that no one could resist my lively soul, but sometimes I am like a hurricane that damaging all the being around me. I am always promising them That i will be good but no one is trusting me anymore… because I let everyone around me down who trusted me… But I am sober now, And I will beat the evil