Brand New To This Journey Today! Share your advice and motivation!😊

Starting this journey with a 30 day goal! Hope everyone is meeting their goals!! :pray:t2:


Hi :raising_hand_woman:
Welcome to the community.
Its nice to have you join us :slightly_smiling_face:

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Welcome aboard :grinning:


Good for you, proud of all of us having the willingness to change & be the best we can be…sobriety & faith, if I can do it so can you, after many grateful years of sobriety , one thing Ive learned is that the evil enemy / Satan or whoever or whatever it is always comes up with more lies & temptations , even sober, watch your thinking & decisions

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So grateful I dont have to struggle with drugs & alcohol any more, I guess these days I have quality problems…AA has helped me to Adjust my attitude & perception, like a new pair of glasses…


Thank you! I’ll actually be starting again tomorrow. I know. I don’t feel great about already having a glass of wine but tomorrow I will do better. Thanks for your positive words.

I know the enemy is waiting constantly. I won’t let him win. I am confident I can break my generational cycle! I will.

Start doing exercise everyday if you aren’t already. The best way to make sobriety stick is to pair it with another self-esteem boosting life change.

Sobriety requires hard work and there are going to be times where you have the urge to drink like you have the urge to eat when you are hungry. Mentally prepare yourself with a plan for that battle because it will come time and time again for the first 6 months or so.

You can do it. Good luck.


Thank you!!

Good to have goals!! There are others working on # of day goals as well. It is all a process!!

Since you asked…some tips…

Take it one day at a time, drinks lots of fizzy water, take lots of walks, go to bed early and don’t feel bad about avoiding get togethers.

Welcome! Many come here with a goal of x amount of days. We are here for you up to that 30 days and beyond!

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