Hmm…how to start this topic, will I went to my A.A. meeting tonight and it was my 3rd time going. Every time I go it’s new people and something different. But tonight we read from a book a guy story and a lady story of how alcohol did damage to their lives and how they live with it. I guess that’s how to put it, I’m still trying to figure this out myself. But anyway hearing the lady story hit me emotionally, she was married with 2 kids and divorced. Went drinking, forgot her kids and lost custody and was alone and had no where to go or no money at all. Short version, it hit me because I’m a mom and 2 weeks ago I binge drink and woke up somewhere where I didn’t wanna be. Some hospital place and telling myself will I go home, I don’t wanna be locked up or away from my family and which is sad and hurts the most was that week was my daughter birthday coming up. I’m in some place idk where and lost and recovering from drinking and I ask god thinking to him please let me go home and I’ll change, I miss my kids and I broke down in that place to go home to. So I asked myself tonight at the meeting why did it take me this long to quit and open my eyes, then the drunk arguments I had with my spouse. But I’m glad I quit and I’m doing this sobriety and yes it’s hard but going to those meeting and this app is helping me as well. But like I said going to A.A meetings my first time I don’t know what to expect and idk if it was ok to have a breakdown and tear up but I did. So idk if anyone can relate to this but I had to get this off my chest and move forward and heal more.


I’m glad AA is helpful for you. Keep going! With more meetings it gets easier and more comfortable, and you start to become familiar with the regular faces.

It is totally okay to cry in a meeting, because that is where we go and talk about hard things and be totally honest with ourselves about it, so it gets emotional from time to time. You’re far from the only one, it happens a lot.

Most people don’t walk into meetings totally familiar with how everything works, and it all works out. I’ve been at men’s meetings where a woman showed up not knowing it was a men’s meeting. It was all good, it just highlighted that the important thing is that we are there for a meeting, and that we are there to get sober. Everything else is just details.

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Thank you so much!

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Thank you!