Broken cycle

I am very well aware of it being early days yet. But from the 31stDec I have been on Acamprosate. And from the 8thJan, Antibuse. I was in a similar situation yesterday for a prolonged amount of time where alcohol was around and being consumed. Now normally if a drink is around and being drunk. A wee bee in ma head starts to buzz. Thanks to the meds, I had no such thing. No impulse, craving or even want for a drink. Now I seen a couple o folk comment on my post about going on these meds, mostly negative really pff, thanks for that. But each to there own. We are all different and individual in taste and habits, amongst all the other stuff. A real change is finally afoot. Real change. Good day to you all.

I’m sorry that you got done negative responses, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with using these medications especially in early sobriety. There are even point standings, respected members of this forum that I know for a fact used these meds. Keep on trucking. :+1::slightly_smiling_face:


Don’t worry what others say this is your recovery and the meds r helping to keep you soba. I had to take meds to help me get off heroin. It was the best thing ever as i didn’t pick up ap drug . Use the meds until u feel comfortable in recovery is my advice x