Buying alcohol as a gift?

I’m not sure what to do. My boss, more like family, drinks a lot. This weekend is her 30th wedding anniversary. Everyone is getting them wine. Their drink of choice. I am very conflicted with this. Lilly’s are the flower of 30years so I bought them a beautiful plant but I was going to buy wine to go with it and now I’m unsure if I’m contributing to the problem. What are your thoughts on buying alcohol as a gift. I have bought for others as gifts in the past but just seems wrong now.

If everyone else is doing wine I think you should do something else. It will make you stand out. I think the boss would appreciate it more as well


I think it’s ok either way but I agree with @Englishd. I think the Lillys are very sweet and a very thoughtful idea. So I agree getting something to compliment that gift besides alcohol would be great. Plus, from the sound of it if everyone else is buying them wine, they will have plenty!!!

Yes!!! Everyone loves chocolate! I had cold stone ice cream yesterday and it was better than any drink I’ve had in the last 6 month haha


Omg great idea. I don’t eat sugar so I never even thought of it. You guys are awesome thanks. Off to get candy