Caffeine pills

I have an addiction to prescription pills. I also have a real problem w caffeine pills. I was doing really well with not abusing pills but last week i relapsed on both. Today i overdosed on caffeine pills (3000mg so like, 30 cups of coffee at exactly the same time) no one takes caffeine seriously but theres studies that show that excessive amounts of caffeine have similar effects to cocaine. I’m really disappointed in myself for this, and i dont really know how to move on.

A buddy of mine drank 4 NOS energy drinks in an hour. the sugar n caffeine actually put him into cardiac arrest. It is definitely not something to play with. In pill form is even easier to OD then filling ur stomach full of liquid caffeine. If you have a pill problem i think you need to throw all that shyt away and work on natural ways to get energy and not artificial. Its ok to have coffee in the morning just dont over do it and stop once you get jittery. Thats your body telling you its had enough. Get a feel for your new sober body…

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