Calling all optimists

25 days , first meeting tomorrow at 6:00


right on! hope it’s great :slight_smile:

Wooohooo!!! Congratulations! You are on the right path… The big 30 is so close! Keep the days rolling up

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4 days clean as of 6pm!!! Cold turkey all on my own!! Signed up today for Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP). This is my first time ever being sober after many many years of struggling with an opioid addiction! I have my assessment on Monday!!

My ex was on heroin ,know all too well about that.

Thats a good step but i advise being careful using the suboxone or methadone u may get from the program. They start you out on rediculious high doses. I was a heavy iv heroin user and never needed more then 4mg of a sub. The lower n less u use over time will make getting off completely alot easier then cold turkey… i dont advise taking it more then two weeks tops. Goodluck i hope this works for you …you are battling the roughest days right now. It gets easier…

I’ve decided I’m not going to do subs or methadone. When I would have a hard time finding pills I would buy a sub just to keep from getting sick. I would be a lot higher and longer on 4mg of a sub (I cut the 8mg in half). I feel I can’t take something else that’s going to remind me of that “high”. Staying away from everything I think is best for me. I was even looking into that shot that blocks opioids for a month…

Vivitrol is another great alternative with no known side effects or wds after u stop getting the shot. My closest friend was court ordered and it has worked for him hes now 6mo clean… he did say his butt cheek was sore a few days…you have to be ct clean for 7 days to get it. Others on here have had success with Vivitrol as well…

I think I can deal with a sore butt lol I’m just not sure to do it or not… My mind is going 50,000 directions… Like will it be a temporary thing That I’ll end up needing forever. Or do I even really need it. Idk. My worse problems that I’ve come across so far are between the hours of 7pm-10pm… So I’ve been just talking on the phone or taking long hot showers to pass the time and then its gone as quick as it came… Sorry if I rambled

He says now he totally does not need it anymore and is going to stop once the court order is up… they prescribed him gabapetin n seroquil to sleep with. He stopped using those after a month or 2. I would go for it! what do you have to loose?

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Does he get it through a rehab center (like iop)? Thank you for all your help❤

Hey there. I get the vivitrol shot myself. Mostly for alcohol, but opiods are my second doc. It has helped me tremendously! Im about to get my 3rd one tomorrow and plan to continue for at least a year (as suggested). It is totally worth it to me and sounds like it would be perfect for you as well. I get it through my out patient facility which is state funded so as long as I am doing my part it is free for me. Def highly suggest looking into it. Best of luck to you!

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Thank you for all the info. What do you feel the shot helps you with the most?

my cravings! Mostly for alcohol as that is my biggest issue, but it works just as well and is mainly for opiates I think. As I said I’m due to get it Friday and all this past weeks my cravings and thoughts of using have been increasing (not enough to make me drink, but enough to be frustrating). My first 3 weeks after my shot I honestly don’t even think about it!

That’s really good to know. My problem seems to be the mental part including the cravings. I’m definitely going to look into it. Thank you!

that’s my main problem too and def helps! Good luck friend!

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