Can we talk about the state of modern dating?

While I am married, have been for 15 years, I dated her for 7 years before that. I would say if I had to do it all over I would! We met online 22 yrs ago. It was much different back then!

But let me get on point here, the best relationship you can commit to is one with and for yourself. Learn to love yourself, every weird part of you. Learn to spoil yourself unapologetically. The whole idea that you cant pour from an empty cup, you must first be full, to fulfill someone else, that shit goes!!!

I wish I would have realized this 22 yrs ago, I could have loved her better longer and our relationship would be that much stronger :muscle:putting in the work is always worth it!

Anyway I think when you love yourself you attract the same, you will find someone that you can offer something special to, then.

Best wishes.


I am married (and apparently me dating is like a big deal to my wife or something :man_shrugging:) so i dont date, but this app call Replika popped up on my crossword app.

This is a screenshot from a quick Google search but as you can see it is a artificial intelligence chatbot to make humans feel like they are in a relationship.

We are living in a Time where personal gratification without any work or self-reflection is the Pinnacle goal, which means our species truly is racing to the bottom.

If I was going to date I would probably spend time at places like my church my athletic places of interest or something like that so at least theres some common interests :man_shrugging: