Cancer is a B##CH

Have so many mixed emotions right now!? My dad has been diagnosed with throat cancer, so going forward he has 6 weeks of radiotherapy everyday bar weekends I’m the main driver as my mum can’t drive bc of her knee and my only other brother doesn’t drive, I want to be there to support him but bei g so early in trying to help myself it’s a guggling act. I’m taken each day at the moment as today is first of many


I’m really sorry to hear of your dad’s diagnosis. The treatment can be tough. I very much hope that he fares as well as is possible.
It is hard to find any upside in the horrid world that is Cancer. But I hope that you will be able to both find some comfort in the time that you spend together over the next few weeks.
There is cancer very close to me at the moment. Every journey is different, but I know how dreadfully frightening and suffocating it can be, especially at the start, when it can all be rather overwhelming.
You are not alone. I know there is nothing I can write that will make things any better, but I will be thinking of you and wishing you and your dad every possible bit of health and happiness. :heart:.


I’m so sorry for the awful news. Maybe you being newly sober is the universes way of getting you ready for this next journey. I hope it is a healing one for both you and your father. :purple_heart:. This community is always here and so supportive, please stay connected.


I agree with this 100%. Plus where would your family be without sober you to step up when they really need you. Like you said just go one moment at a time. And come here to vent if you need to.
Fuck Cancer


I am so so sory about ur dads diagnosis. That is devasating news. Sounds like ull be a huge support for him during this time. I can understand that guggling act very well. My son has a brainstem tumor and he was undergoing chemotherapy treatment while i was in early recovery. All i can suggest is self care, self care, self care. Be gentle with urself as u work thru ur recovery as well as being a support for ur dad. Its not always easy. The emotions can run really high sometimes. Especially with someone so close to u being effected by cancer. Sending you and ur family strength and healing during this hard time.


Hey Emma :heart:

You’re back!

Thats hard news about your dad and I can understand how you are still trying to find balance with your recovery. Its hard… putting ourselves first when others need us. I guess the best you can do is go day by day and maybe supplement your recovery with Zoom meetings because they are available 24/7. (If you were still doing meetings that is)
I am so, so happy to see you back. Big hugs.
:sparkles: :white_heart: :sparkles:


I’m so sorry you have to deal with it, as well as for your father and family. I know where you are going trough, it is a rollercoaster :disappointed_relieved:
But being there sober and present can be a motivation for you as well to help yourself grow in your recovery as well. It is much to handle and I do understand. But handeling all this while drinking ore using wasn’t helping either.
Be there for you so you can be there for them as well, hope you understand what I try to say :hugs:
Take care of your “me” time when you can.
Come here to vent and let the emotions out, It’s much to deal with.


Sorry to hear this my ex also had this and went through treatment in 2022. It was 35 radiation sessions (every day except weekends) with weekly chemo. It was tough but you will get through it. There are some head and neck cancer groups on Facebook that were very helpful for support and info, and a carers one that was very helpful to me and was nice to go through it with others in the same boat. If you can’t find them message me I will point you in the right direction.

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Also want to add I was sober when he was diagnosed but didn’t make it through treatment sober. Wish I had. Stay vigilant and make sure you focus on your sobriety as well as being a caregiver. You can’t fully care for someone if you don’t take care of yourself too. Sending you strength.

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I’d like to thank everyone that’s taken the time to reply and share their touching experiences with there own loved ones, I’m on my knees but mentally physically and emotionally but I thinking whilst here I might aswell pray I’m non reglious more spiritual so im on my knees with gratitude. Like most of you said it gives me a chance to heal together with my dad and to be there for one another. I thank you again for all your lovely words.