Can't do AA

I am really struggling. Please before anyone suggests AA or meetings. I can’t I have very good reasons why which I can’t go in to. Besides I’m agnostic. I respect everyones beliefs And only ask that people respect mine. Any other suggestions? Thanks.

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SMART, Women for Sobriety, Refuge Recovery, rehab, IOP


I think Annie Grace has some support networks, maybe a forum, possibly individual recovery coach services?

Also, one to one therapy. My therapist also runs recovery support groups, so you might be able to find something similar near you run privately by a therapist.

My local recovery community center has LOTS of non-AA options and activities. You might look to see if there is something similar in your area.


Hi thanks for your reply. I have checked it out entered my postcode but it’s saying no results found. I’m in the UK.

AA takes all religions and non too.
Change of environment is a must.


Here are some UK based services:

1 Like check out this site, they have online training and online meeting where you just log in and listen (and talk if you want to) if you wanted to do an online meeting I’d be happy to do it at the same time for moral support.


Thank you.

That’s great. Thank you.

Good Orderly Direction. Im not into the samethings as everyone else but i made my higher power as i understand. For me its just maki g the next right choice and this is what has kept me. 71 days today. You can once you find your group of people. No two meetings are ever the same.


Welcome to the community @Lynale_Elizabeth. Unfortunately there’s no telling some people they just will not entertain the idea of AA because it’s about God even though it’s not. Good for you for getting your bum on a seat in the rooms. :+1::slightly_smiling_face: